You are warmly invited to SALTA is Timeless Infinite Light.

When :: Friday, January 29, 8:00 pm
Where :: Lobot Gallery, 1800 Campbell Street, Oakland
What :: SALTA is collaborating with Oakland-based small press Timeless Infinite Light on an evening that will be a collision/communion between dance & poetry.

We have invited poets who verge on dance, dancers who verge on poetry, and people working in some indefinable way between and among the two. The evening will largely be composed of durational works, in which the audience can come, go, and move around as they wish.

Throughout the event, there will be a crew of local poets who will transcribe/translate the performances into language, which will be displayed on one of the walls and read aloud.

Live performance and video by ::
Dream Tigers (Angel Dominguez and Hannah Kezema)
Leslie Castellano with Nicole Casado
Crystal Sasaki
Jai Arun Ravine
Sueyeun Juliette Lee
Emji Spero and Joel Gregory (sound by Kevin Laird)
Lara Durback and Sharmi Basu

Live poetic transcription/translation by ::
Lehua Taitano
Michelle Puckett
Alana Siegel
David Buuck
Mg Roberts
+++ and more !

Admission is food for the Free Bar or items for the Free Boutique. Suggestions include: seasonal hot veg, tea, chapbooks, beautiful old photographs, mesh tank tops, extra kombucha scobies, big earrings, lip stains.

Lobot is an unheated warehouse space. We will have warm bevvys and will do a set of magic rituals to make sure its not too chilly an evening. We recommend bringing a warm coat, a soft scarf, and thick socks.

photos by the one and only chani bockwinkel
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