SALTA is a collective based in Oakland, California.

We are a group of women and gender non-conforming people who came together in 2012 to create a platform for dance and experimental performance. We host shows, divergent conversations, parties and group processes.

We’ve curated over forty events in as many venues -- storefronts, living rooms, warehouses, museums, cafes -- providing a space for established, emerging, local and visiting artists to show work, be dance punks, be together. Admission to a SALTA show is a non-monetary donation, as we attempt to re-approach the grounds of exchange.

In addition to hosting events, SALTA has toured together, performed together, presented on curatorial panels, and written about our collective process. We are interested in collaboration through juxtaposition, confrontation, sharing, and emulation. For a full list of what we’ve been up to, see our CV HERE.

SALTA is in a practice of making sense of our love of dance, despite its historical implication in the hetero-capitalist white supremacist patriarchy, ya know? It is important to us that we continue to interrogate how and what we are doing, navigating our privileged relationship to resources and institutions.

Part of the project is the process. This is what we are currently working on:

SALTA full feral : Summer Residency
We are developing a yearly summer artist residency with a land project in Mendocino, California. It will take place in the small town of Dos Rios, where Krissy Keefer helms a rural dance center on the Eel River. An off the grid open air dance barn situation -- get ready!

SALTA on the road : Exchanges
We are in the nascent phases of collaborations with spaces, curators and collectives from other cities and countries. Several of our members have moved away or are traveling, and we want our collective to spread to the places they’ll go.

SALTA at home : Events
We are still into doing some DIY hosting for local and visiting live artists in Oakland. If you would like to show your work in the experimental context of a SALTA show, please feel free to get in touch. We are also happy to share equipment, referrals, recommendations and more.

SALTA communes : Internal Projects
We are functioning as a dance guild / support system / bureau for one another’s individual projects via reading groups, shared studio time and collaborating together outside of the collective. Yes, we are still dancers (!) along with being pink collar freelancers, professors, sex workers, marijuana moguls, expats, arts administrators, videographers, and deep freaks.


Hic Rhodus, hic salta!
Latin: Rhodes is here, here is where you jump!

The maxim originates from the punchline from Aesop’s fable "The Boastful Athlete." In the story an athlete claims that when in Rhodes, he performed a stupendous jump, and that there were witnesses who could back this up. A bystander then remarked, ‘Alright! Let’s say this is Rhodes, demonstrate the jump here and now.’

In 18th Brumaire of Louis Bonaparte, Karl Marx quotes the Latin maxim "Hic Rhodus, hic salta!" and states, “a situation is created which makes all turning back impossible, and the conditions themselves call out: Here is the rose, here dance! "

Hic Oakland, hic salta.


Chani Bockwinkel takes photos for us !



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